All in One – Brush Massage

Healthcare and well-being – the wakeup call. This brush massage is a secret to get the morning going and also to revitalize effectively and consistently for a long evening.

This massage has an intensely refreshing and stimulating effect while also working to balance out blood pressure, support lymph drainage, and increase blood flow.

Receiving Brush Massage on a regular basis improves elasticity of skin and helps improve skin structure. It also works to strengthen the body’s immune system through the production of Vitamin D.

My All-In-One Brush Massage is performed using two dry natural hair brushes. Skin particles released through the process are gently removed with warm compresses.

Following the massage, your skin is fully rejuvenated with a body lotion uniquely formulated to meet the differing skin needs of men and women respectively.

Due to hygienic reasons, each pair of brushes is only used once, and following the treatment you are welcome to keep your brushes for personal use, allowing continuing self-care treatments at home.


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