Full Body Scrub

Experience your skin like that of a »new-born«. A product line with a light oriental touch, which is equally popular with both my female and male clients.

A special peeling with sea salt, Moroccan desert sand, Rhassoul clay, and argan oil cleanses your skin and removes natural dead skin cells.

With this treatment, your skin will feel fresh, glowing, and velvet smooth!


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…is, as they say, the Queen of all massages. The Lomi-Lomi-Nui was originally a temple ritual for Hawaian healers. The Lomi-Lomi-Nui is an intense sensory experience which combines intuitive fully-body choreography with harmonic, fluid rhythm.


  • € 100.00 / 60 Minutes
  • € 150.00 / 90 Minutes
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Aloe Vera Honey Ritual

This massage ritual is an intensive treatment for the back. Among other things, it involves a preparatory peeling, a Russian honey pluck-massage and an acupressure with aloe.


  • € 80.00 / 60 Minutes
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All in One – Brush Massage

Healthcare and well-being – the wakeup call. This brush massage is a secret to get the morning going and also to revitalize effectively and consistently for a long evening.


  • € 90.00 / 60 Minutes
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