Massage Virtuoso

Experience relaxation at its best. A masterfully celebrated multisensory full-body massage with warm aromatic oils and the interplay of different massage techniques, including a hot-stone massage.

The interplay of classical, Eastern and Indian massage techniques will make you sink into dreamland within a short period of time.

Precious warm aroma oils cover your body in a silky veil and also make the skin velvety smooth.

Have you always loved Hot Stone Massage or are you hoping to experience the feel of hot stones for the first time? In this massage combination only one wish remains unfulfilled – the desire for more!


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Pain Point Massage

Always tailored to your needs! Acupressure, deep-tissue-massage or classic massage techniques can come to use.


  • € 40.00 / 30 Minutes
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Thai-Yoga-Massage meets Zen-Shiatsu

In this »Far East Package« you will experience the combination of Thai body work (Thai Yoga Massage), which combines acupressure, stretching and energy work with a Japanese meridian acupressure massage (Zen-Shiatsu) on a mediative level.


  • € 80.00 / 60 Minutes
  • € 110.00 / 90 Minutes
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Full Body Scrub

Experience your skin like that of a »new-born«. A product line with a light oriental touch, which is equally popular with both my female and male clients.


  • € 45.00 / 30 Minutes
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