Pain Point Massage

Always tailored to your needs! Acupressure, deep-tissue-massage or classic massage techniques can come to use.

Focuses specifically on pain or problem areas in the body.

I use traditional (Swedish) massage techniques in combination with Acupressure, Triggerpoint Therapy, and/or Deep Tissue Massage.

Most often this massage is carried out as an intensive back massage but focus can also be on other areas such as legs/feet or head/neck.


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Relaxmassage Par Excellence

An absolutely perfected classic partial or full body massage, that masters the fine line between poignant depth and a warm soothing touch.


  • € 40.00 / 30 Minutes
  • € 70.00 / 60 Minutes
  • € 90.00 / 90 Minutes
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…is, as they say, the Queen of all massages. The Lomi-Lomi-Nui was originally a temple ritual for Hawaian healers. The Lomi-Lomi-Nui is an intense sensory experience which combines intuitive fully-body choreography with harmonic, fluid rhythm.


  • € 100.00 / 60 Minutes
  • € 150.00 / 90 Minutes
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All in One – Brush Massage

Healthcare and well-being – the wakeup call. This brush massage is a secret to get the morning going and also to revitalize effectively and consistently for a long evening.


  • € 90.00 / 60 Minutes
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