Facials a little different: Pampering and special treatments for best results combined with a high feel-good-factor. Treat yourself with these facials to an extra portion of rejuvenation.

For my facial treatments, the focus also lies on relaxation. Enjoying a relaxing time has been shown to smoothe the skin in a very natural way.

During my cosmetic treatments, I use the stimulation of the cellulose metabolism with physical peelings and cooling masks. As a result, these applications lead to a well-maintained appearance.

I won’t bother you with undesirable or unsolicited product sales, nor with the banalities of my private everyday life. You know what I mean…

Just enjoy »being cared« for, and combine this warming feeling with a refreshing care-kick.


Treatment Express

Taking a break, the fast way: a high-concentrated cream and gel-mask removes uncomfortable dryness of the face.


  • € 59.00 / 40 Minutes
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Treatment Intensiv

The extra dose of relaxation: GLYCAMON® compound, facial massage and fleece mask makes a tired face disappear.


  • € 83.00 / 60 Minutes
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Treatment Relax

Vital and relaxing: In addition to a concentrated GLYCAMON® Compound, this package also includes a facial massage.


  • € 67.00 / 50 Minutes
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About me

Tilo Weidig, born in 1964 in Dresden, massage therapist, wellness coach and barber. Working as an independent massage therapist since 2005. Over the years, I was also pleased to welcome many reowned personalities, including Tom Hanks, Willem Dafoe, Calvin Klein and Harry Belafonte.

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